World Men Championships 2018: 24 November – 6 December 2018 in Hong Kong

EBT 2019-01 AIK International Tournament Powered by Track: 26 December 2018 – 6 January 2019 in Stockholm

EBT 2019-02 Brunswick Ballmaster Open: 4-13 January 2019 in Helsinki

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Lucky Larsen Masters leaves the EBT

The organizer of the Swedish based tournament “Lucky Larsen Masters” has decided to conduct the 2019 edition of their tournament without handicap for women. It means that the tournament cannot keep its inclusion in ... (read more)

Rules for the EBT 2020

At a recently held meeting in the ETBF Presidium the rules for the EBT 2020 was decided. The rules are, with one exception, identical with the rules of the EBT 2019. The ETBF Presidium ... (read more)

Women’s handicap to be kept in the EBT

Since the beginning of the EBT in 2000, there has been a handicap for women in tournaments with a mixed division. In the first 6 years of the tour (2000-2005) all tournaments with mixed ... (read more)

ECC 2018 in Langen, Germany

Mai Ginge Jensen (Denmark) vs. Eliisa Hiltonen (Finland) in the final of the women’s division of the ECC 2018 was a repetition of the final of the Masters event in the European Women Championships ... (read more)