Small Nations Cup 2017: 15-19 March 2017 in San Marino

EBT 2017-03, Brunswick Euro Challenge: 18-26 March 2017 in Munich

Mediterranean Bowling Championships 2017: 26 March – 2 April 2017 in Ljbuljana

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EBT 2017 returns to 11 stops

After a season with too many cancellations, ETBF is very pleased to announce, that a new tournament in Sweden, named the Lucky Larsen Masters, will be included in the EBT 2017. The tournament keeps ... (read more)

From Satellite to Bronze in Norway

The Organizer of Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick, the Norwegian Bowling Federation, has decided to upgrade the tour category of the tournament from Satellite to Bronze. This means that athletes will be awarded double ... (read more)

The Polish Open is cancelled

The Polish Open, which was supposed to be conducted late July in Wroclaw, is cancelled by the organizer due to relatively low participation numbers the first two years of its existence and an actual ... (read more)

Changed status of Track Open

Due to the number of entering athletes in the last year’s issues of Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open, the organizer has decided to change the status of the tournament from Gold to Silver. As a ... (read more)