Kim Thorsgaard Jensen

As a consequence of technical issues, the centre in Riga (Latvia), where the EYC 2019 was planned to be held, is not going to be certified in due time.

As a further consequence, it has been necessary to move the championships to Plus Bowling in Vienna Austria, where it will be conducted in the period of 13-22 April 2019.

More information will soonest possible be published by the new organizer in Vienna.

The ETBF Presidium is grateful to the Österreichischer Sportkegel- und Bowlingverband, and to the management of Plus Bowling in Vienna, for their dedicated willingness to take the responsibility of the EYC 2019 at such a short notice.

The organizer of the Swedish based tournament “Lucky Larsen Masters” has decided to conduct the 2019 edition of their tournament without handicap for women.

It means that the tournament cannot keep its inclusion in the EBT 2019.

The ETBF Presidium regrets the decision, but we do of course respect that the organizer wants to develop the tournament in a different direction.

The tournament will, as any other international tournament, continued need approval from ETBF and World Bowling and thus being included in the Tournament Calendar at this site.

We want to thank the organizer for the two years they decided to include the Lucky Larsen Masters in the EBT and finally we want to mention, that we keep the door open, in case of a later wish to return the tournament to our tour.

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At a recently held meeting in the ETBF Presidium the rules for the EBT 2020 was decided. The rules are, with one exception, identical with the rules of the EBT 2019.

The ETBF Presidium has with a growing concern witnessed a negative influence from PBA on certain stops in the European Bowling Tour.

First of all PBA is requiring that ambitious organizers in Europe cannot keep a mandatory handicap for women and at the same time be able to award a PBA title to their winner. This is unfortunately damaging for the EBT, since it forces a few organizers to decide direction.

Lately PBA decided to conduct a part of their World Series in the period of one of the biggest tournaments in Europe, the Brunswick Euro Challenge, which has been conducted in their March period over the last 14 years in three different European countries. This is a very unfortunate and potentially damaging decision, first of all for the organizer in Munich, but indeed also for many athletes and for the EBT in general.

The ETBF Presidium has therefore; based on these incidents, decided that PBA and ETBF cannot operate in the same tour. As a consequence, an EBT Tournaments cannot, as of 2020, be included in any series organized by PBA or award a PBA title to their winner.

This new rule is for tournaments only. For the athletes, the situation is unchanged, since they continuously and with no limitations can compete in any tournament included in the EBT.

Since the beginning of the EBT in 2000, there has been a handicap for women in tournaments with a mixed division.

In the first 6 years of the tour (2000-2005) all tournaments with mixed divisions decided the size of the women’s handicap themselves, but all had a handicap. Later, as of the EBT 2006, the women’s handicap was by the EBT Rules standardized as 8 pins per game.

In the beginning of this year, a few tour stops had a female winner, where after a major “storm” started in various media and in social media as well. Numerous statements delivered were unfortunately seriously unfair to the women, who won the few stops.

No matter what, it seems that some at a moment had forgotten the purpose of the women’s handicap, namely that a women should win a tour stop from time to time. So the only thing which really happened was that the women’s handicap fulfilled one of its purposes.

In the last 8 stops of the EBT 2019, only male athletes have won tour stops, where after the debate, as numerous times before, calmed down for a period.

Over the entire history of the EBT, the average representation of women in tour stops with mixed divisions has been about 18%, while the average number of women winners of mixed divisions since day one is about 13%.

Only evaluating the last 5 years, the average is still about 18% women participation, while the average of women winners slightly increased to about 16%. The difference is identical to a women winner of 1-2 stops more in the last 5 years, which is a very small number to judge a statistical difference to be permanent. But even it is, it does not prove anything than the women’s handicap still is very valid and indeed needed.

Besides statistical numbers and percent’s, the introduction and the continued existence of the 8 pins handicap for women, is both a sports political statement and a very down-the-Earth practical tool ensuring an international competitive environment for women bowlers in a situation, where it does not seem to be possible to conduct tournaments with separated divisions.

The ETBF Presidium has at a recently held meeting decided that the women’s handicap will be kept as an integrated part of the European Bowling Tour, so far still with 8 pins per game.

Mai Ginge Jensen (Denmark) vs. Eliisa Hiltonen (Finland) in the final of the women’s division of the ECC 2018 was a repetition of the final of the Masters event in the European Women Championships for only four months ago.

In the EWC 2018 Masters in Brussels in June, Mai Ginge Jensen won 2-1 in the best of three games final, while Mai Ginge Jensen again came out of the Danish-Finnish battle with a victory, this time 2-0 in the ECC 2018 final, also played over best of three games.

Bodo Konieczny (Germany) was crowned as the ECC 2018 champion in the men’s division, after a very tight and well played final against Denmark’s Jesper Agerbo, which Bodo Konieczny won 2-1. The scores of the last exiting game were 263 vs. 258.

The 41th issue of the European Champions Cup was conducted in Langen, Germany in the 18 lane centre, Bowl for Fun.

The format of the ECC 2018 included 2 X 8 games qualification, followed by another 8 games for top 16 and yet another 4 games for top 8, providing the following two standings:

Top 8 Women after 28 games
1 / 6153: Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark
2 / 6109: Solene Goron, France
3 / 6012: Eliisa Hiltonen, Finland
4 / 5990: Nadine Geissler, Germany
5 / 5863: Chantal Jacobs, The Netherlands
6 / 5807: Filippa Persson, Sweden
7 / 5800: Annie Thorell, Sweden
8 / 5704: Giada Di Martino, Italy

Top 8 Men after 28 games
1 / 6434: Jaroslav Lorenc, Czech Republic
2 / 6364: Viktor Danielsson, Sweden
3 / 6283: Jesper Agerbo, Denmark
4 / 6263: Bodo Konieczny, Germany
5 / 6226: Aidas Daniunas, Lithuania
6 / 6141: Sami Konsteri, Finland
7 / 6138: Oleksandr Nechypaiev, Ukraine
8 / 6007: Mats Maggi, Belgium

Top 4 continued into two Semi Finals matches concluded by a Final match; all decided in best of three games matches.

Women’s Semi Final 1
Mai Ginge Jensen – Nadine Geissler (2-0): 200-176 and 213-193

Women’s Semi Final 2
Solone Goron – Eliisa Hiltonen (0-2): 228-246 and 188-234

Women’s Final
Mai Ginge Jensen – Eliisa Hiltonen (2-0): 248-203 and 215-204

Men’s Semi Final 1
Jaroslav Lorenc – Bodo Konieczny (1-2): 173-248, 212-193 and 195-238

Men’s Semi Final 2
Viktor Danielsson – Jesper Agerbo (1-2): 246-232, 215-254 and 201-224

Men’s Final
Jesper Agerbo – Bodo Konieczny (1-2): 225-196, 236-242 and 258-263

We congratulate the two new champions of the European Champions Cup.

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The ETBF Presidium decided at its meeting on 18 and 19 October 2018 in Langen – Germany to merge ETBF’s Education Committee and ETBF’s Technical Committee into one combined committee, hereafter named ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee.

The two committees have already worked closely together for years, since the development over time had created many overlapping tasks and activities.

The many existing and new activities and programs in the merged committee are obviously creating a big workload and also an increased need of coordination. The ETBF Presidium has therefore decided to appoint two co-chairs of the committee.

The one Co-Chairman of ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee is Onder Gurkan, who has chaired the former Education Committee for many years. The other Co-Chairman of the committee is Marios Nicolaides, who have been working as Technical Delegate for ETBF for a number of years and as an active instructor as well.

Both co-chairmen are members of ETBF’s Presidium in addition to their committee duties.

You can find more information about ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee under the item Organization / Education-Technical at this site.

You can also visit for more knowledge about ETBF’s programs.

The 12th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2019, will be held in Bowling Charmatin in Madrid, Spain on Thursday 4 July 2019.

In the period of the EBT Masters 2019, the same centre in Madrid will host the VII Brunswick Madrid Challenge from 30 June to 7 July.

The following 8 women are qualified
Jenny Wegner, Sweden
Mai Ginge Jensen, Denmark
Ghislaine Sigter van der Tol, The Netherlands
Maxime de Rooij, The Netherlands
Cajsa Wegner, Sweden
Sin Li Jane, Malaysia
Daria Pajak, Poland
Siti Safiyah, Malaysia

The first three reserves:
Danielle McEwan, USA
Nicole Sanders, The Netherlands
Cherie Tan, Singapore

The following 8 men are qualified
Anthony Simonsen, USA
Jesper Svensson, Sweden
Thomas Larsen, Denmark
Pontus Andersson, Sweden
Carsten W. Hansen, Denmark
6. Kyle Troup, USA
Ismail Rafiq, Malaysia
Chris Sloan, Ireland

The first three reserves:
Richard Teece, England
Gaëtan Mouveroux, France
Bill O’Neill, USA

There will be a prize pool of 9.000 € to each of the two genders to compete for in Madrid.

Like last year, Jenner Wegner from Sweden had already collected that many points in the tour standing that she was unreachable for anybody in Oslo; even Jenny did not attend the last stop of the tour season.

Jenny Wegner won the women’s division of the tour with 719 points in front of Mai Ginge Jensen from Denmark with 676 points and Ghislaine Sigter van der Tol from the Netherlands with 580 points at position 2 and 3.

Jenny Wegner is, by the following series, strongly dominating the EBT these years:
2015: Jenny Wegner wins the EB
2016: Jenny Wegner is the runner up in the EBT
2017: Jenny Wegner wins the EBT
2018: Jenny Wegner wins the EBT

The leader of the men’s division of the tour, Anthony Simonsen from USA, was reachable for Jesper Svensson from Sweden, but Jesper did not attend the tournament in Oslo, so also the winner of the men’s division was found before the last stop even started.

Anthony Simonsen became the first non-European bowler to win an EBT and even the first non-European bowler to be in Top 3, whatever we are talking about men or women.

Anthony Simonsen won the men’s division of the tour with 594 points in front of Jesper Svensson from Sweden with 537 points and Thomas Larsen from Denmark with 439 points at position 2 and 3.

We are congratulating the two tour winners, who each will be awarded 1.000 € for their victories of their division in the European Bowling Tour 2018.

Eric Sjöberg from Sweden took his first EBT Title ever, when he won the last stop of the season, the Norwegian Open 2018 by Brunswick.

Eric Sjöberg concluded a fantastic day in Oslo with a 276 game, by which he passed a number of competitors in the very last game of the tournament.

In the second last step of the final in Oslo, 16 athletes were playing 3 games, starting from scratch. 8 athletes continued to the final step, playing another 3 games with the pin fall from the previous step carried forward.

The scores of the 8 finalists became as follows:
1. Eric Sjöberg, Sweden: 1366 (681+685)
2. Robert Lindberg, Sweden: 1362 (672+690)
3. Arnar David Jonsson, Iceland: 1330 (687+643)
4. Mikael Roos, Sweden: 1326 (678+648)
5. Niko Oksanen, Finland: 1304 (662+642)
6. Gaëtan Mouveroux, France: 1291 (653+638)
7. Peter Ljung, Sweden: 1256 (660+596)
8. Robin Persson, Sweden: 1208 (664+544)

Erik Sjöberg from Sweden became the highest ranked man for the first time in his career and the same did Wendy Bartaire from France. Wendy was positioned 11 in the tournament.

218 athletes had found their way to the Norwegian Capital Oslo and Veitvet Bowling Centre, where the Norwegian Open 2018 by Brunswick concluded the 19th season of the European Bowling Tour, the EBT 2018.

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For various domestic reasons the conduction periods for three tournaments included in the European Bowling Tour 2019 are changed.

Odense International
Previous period: 1-8 September 2019
New period: 25 August – 1 September 2019
Venue: Odense Bowling Centre in Odense, Denmark

Rome Open All4Bowling
Previous period: 14-22 September 2019
New period: 7-15 September 2019
Venue: Bowling Brunswick in Rome, Italy

The organizer in Rome announces furthermore a name change of the tournament from Rome Open to Rome Open All4Bowling, which also was the name of the tournament in 2018.

Brunswick Dimitris Karetsos Tournament
Previous period: 21-29 September 2019
New period: 14-22 September 2019
Venue: Alexander the Great Bowling Club in Thessaloniki, Greece

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