Kim Thorsgaard Jensen

The World Championships for both men and women was conducted on 24 November – 4 December 2017. The championships were held in South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where a fantastic 60 lane arena setting provided perfect surroundings for sport bowling.

Both genders competed in Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team, All Event and Masters.

The 12 titles were divided among 8 federations as follows: 4 titles went to USA, 2 titles went to Korea, while Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and The Netherlands all won one title each.

The Masters event in the women’s division was concluded as follows:
Semi Final 1: Daw-Un Jung (Korea) vs. Shayna Ng (Singapore), 2-0
Semi Final 2: Li-Jane Sin (Malaysia) vs. Sharon Limansantoso (Indonesia), 2-1
The Final: Daw-Un Jung (Korea) vs. Li-Jane Sin (Malaysia), 2-0

Daw-Un Jung became the first women ever to defend the Masters title of the World Championships, since Daw-Un Jung also won the title in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

The Masters event in the men’s division was concluded as follows:
Semi Final 1: Zhe-Jia Xu (Chinese Taipei) vs. Thomas Larsen (Denmark), 2-0
Semi Final 2: Francois Lavoie (Canada) vs. Andres Gomez (Colombia), 2-0
The Final: Francois Lavoie (Canada) vs. Zhe-Jia Xu (Chinese Taipei), 2-0

The Masters title won by Francois Lavoie is the first Masters title ever won by a Canadian bowler in the men’s division.

European bowlers took the following medals:

Women’s Singles
Silver to Mai Ginge Jensen from Denmark

Women-s Trios
Silver to Janine Gäbel, Tina Hulsch and Patricia Luoto from Germany

Men’s Singles
Gold to Xander van Mazijk from The Netherlands
Bronze to Tobias Börding from Germany

Men’s Doubles
Bronze to Petteri Salonen and Niko Oksanen from Finland

Men’s Trios
Bronze to Joonas Jähi, Petteri Salonen and Niko Oksanen from Finland

Men’s Team of Five
Bronze to Carsten W. Hansen, Thomas Larsen, Jimmy Dan Mortensen, Dan Östergaard Poulsen, Jesper Agerbo and Mik Stampe from Denmark

Men’s Masters
Bronze to Thomas Larsen from Denmark

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The organizer of Stop 06 in the EBT 2018, Kegel Aalborg International 2018, has announced that the period of the tournament will be extended from 22-27 May 2018 to 20-27 May 2018.

At the same time the following four changes is announced by the organizer:

Athletes below 22 years of age when the tournament is ending gets two spots for the final and are offered discounted fees for Squad 1 and Squad 2.

Athletes reaching the age of 50 latest on the day before the first day of the tournament gets two spots for the final and are offered discounted fees for Squad 5 and Squad 8.

All not qualified athletes at the end of the qualification, having played at least three qualification squads, can participate in the Free Chance Competition free of charge. The Free Chance Competition is a kind of extra Desperado, from where two athletes are qualified.

The prize pool is increased from 226.000 DKK to 244.000 DKK.

The tournament is unchanged conducted in Lovvang Bowling Centre in Aalborg, Denmark.

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The 40th issue of the European Champions Cup was conducted in the Austrian capital Vienna late October 2017.

A record number of 82 athletes attended the championships. The previous record of 81 athletes attending is from 2007 in Fötz, Luxemburg and from 2008 in Duisburg, Germany.

The record of attending men was broken as well, since 43 men, representing 42 member federations, participated in Vienna. The previous record was 42 attending men in Duisburg, Germany in 2008 and 42 attending men in Dutch Zoetermeer in 2012.

The format of the ECC 2017 included 2 X 8 games qualification, followed by another 8 games for top 16 and yet another 4 games for top 8, providing the following two standings:

Top 8 Women after 28 games
1 / 5956: Nicole Sanders, The Netherlands

2 / 5909: Filippa Persson, Sweden
3 / 5853: Sue Abela, Malta
4 / 5824: Solene Goron, France
5 / 5820: Laura Beuthner, Germany
6 / 5799: Cajsa Wegner, Sweden
7 / 5743: Elga Biagia di Benedetto, Italy
8 / 5585: Ksenia Apanyakina, Russia

Top 8 Men after 28 games
1 / 6490: Mattias Wetterberg, Sweden

2 / 6268: Gaetan Mouveroux, France
3 / 6195: Antonino Fiorentino, Italy
4 / 6122: Xander van Mazijk, The Netherlands
5 / 6070: Svein Aake Ek, Norway
6 / 6040: Riku-Petteri Kivelä, Finland
7 / 5989: Aidas Daniunas, Lithuania
8 / 5984: Gheorghe Catalin, Romania

Top 4 continued into two Semi Finals matches concluded by a Final match; all decided in best of three games matches.

Women’s Semi Final 1
Nicole Sanders – Solone Goron (2-0): 233-183 and 245-171

Women’s Semi Final 2
Felippa Persson – Sue Abela (2-0): 244-188 and 223-192

Women’s Final
Nicole Sanders – Felippa Persson (1-2): 191-200, 210-207 and 201-255

Men’s Semi Final 1
Mattias Wetterberg – Xander van Mazijk (2-0): 246-245 and 243-201

Men’s Semi Final 2
Antonino Fiorentino – Gaetan Mouveroux (2-1): 225-190, 169-182 and 264-203

Men’s Final
Mattias Wetterberg – Antonino Fiorentino (2-1): 214-199, 225-268 and 246-196

It was Felippa Persson’s first adult title at an international championship and the 7th Swedish ECC title in the women’s division over the entire ECC history.

It was also Mattias Wetterberg’s first adult title at an international championship and the 5th Swedish ECC title in the men’s division over the entire ECC history.

We congratulate the two new champions in the European Champions Cup.

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The ETBF Congress, which is held every second year, was this time held on 22 October 2017 in Plus Bowling in Vienna, where the European Champions Cup is conducted on 23-29 October.

From the Congress, we will report the following:

European Senior Championships as of 2020
The most important decision taken by the congress was to establish the European Senior Championships (ESC), similar to the World Senior Championships, which has been conducted three times so far.

The first issue of the ESC, which will be conducted late January / early February 2020, will be open for 4 male and 4 female athletes from each of ETBF’s member federations, who are reaching the age of 50, or are older than 50, in the year of an ESC.

The championships will be held biennially, in the years in between the World Senior Championships, so the frequency will be as follows: World Senior in 2019, European Senior in 2020, World Senior in 2021 and European Senior in 2022 etc.

The 50+ athletes will compete in Singles, Doubles, Team of Four, All Events (18 games) and Masters; a format similar to the format of the World Senior Championships.

Requirements for Presidium members
The regulation of Presidium member’s eventual involvements in business related bowling organizations has been simplified by a congress decision implementing transparency as the headline for such situations.

The old rule was to some extend restrictive and not easy to interpret, while the new rule is simplified in the sense that eventually involvements in business related bowling organizations by a candidate must be announced to the Congress before elections.

If a new involvement happens in between congresses for an already elected Presidium member, it must be reported to the Presidium for a preliminary discussion and afterwards announced to the member federations.

The President of ETBF, Addie Ophelders, was re-elected by acclamation for a new 4-years period.

Valgeir Gudbjartsson, the Secretary General of ETBF, and Onder Gurkan, the Chairman of ETBF’s Education Committee, were both by acclamations re-elected for new 4-years periods.

Marios Nicolaides, ETBF’s well-known Technical Delegate, is in addition also member of the ETBF Presidium. Marios Nicolaides was elected by acclamation for a two years period, filling a previous vacant position in the Presidium.

The ETBF Presidium is from now on composed as follows:
Addie Ophelders, President
Kim Thorsgaard Jensen, Vice President
Valgeir Gudbjartsson, Secretary General
Sergey Lisitsyn, Presidium Member
Onder Gurkan, Presidium Member
Marios Nicolaides, Presidium Member

Florian Fister and Jan Edvardsen were re-elected as auditors, and the same was Marc Beaufais as the substitute auditor.

The next ETBF Congress will be held in conjunction with the European Men Championships 2019 in Munich, Germany.

As a consequence of a sponsorship agreement, the organizer of the 38th AIK International Tournament 2018 has decided to change the name of the tournament to the AIK International Tournament Powered by Track.

This long lasting and well attended tournament will for the first time appear in the program of the European Bowling Tour.

The tournament is conducted in Bowl-O-Rama in Stockholm on 26 December 2017 to 7 January 2018 as the 1st Stop of the EBT 2018.

Click here to see the EBT 2018 Calendar.

The organizer of the second edition of Lucky Larsen Masters have decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 12-26 August to 25 August – 9 September 2018.

The reason for the change is clashes with major events in ABF and PABCON during the original conduction period of the tournament.

The change became possible as a consequence of a very flexible approach to the situation from the organizers of Rome Open, who has accepted to change their conduction period from 1-9 September to 8-16 September 2018.

The two tournaments will unchanged be conducted in Baltiska Bowlinghallen in Malmoe, respectively in Bowling Brunswick in Rome.

Click here to see the EBT 2018 Calendar.

The 11th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2018, will be held in “Dolfijn | The Plays To Be” in Tilburg, The Netherlands on Monday 23 April 2018.

Before the EBT Masters 2018, the same centre in Tilburg will house the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2018 in the period of 15-22 April.

The following 8 women are qualified
1. J
enny Wegner, Sweden
2. I
da Andersson, Sweden
3. C
ajsa Wegner, Sweden
4. D
aphne Tan, Singapore
5. M
axime de Rooij, Germany
6. S
anna Pasanen, Finland
7. B
ritt Bröndsted, Denmark
8. A
lida Molander, Sweden

The first three reserves:
9. J
oline Persson-Planefors, Sweden
10. J
azreel Tan, Singapore
11. C
herie Tan, Singapore

The following 8 men are qualified
1. C
arsten W. Hansen, Denmark
2. P
ontus Andersson, Sweden
3. D
ominic Barrett, England
4. M
artin Larsen, Sweden
5. F
rancois Louw, South Africa
6. S
tuart Williams, England
7. F
rancois Lavoie, Canada
8. R
ichard Teece, England

The first three reserves:
9. M
arkus Jansson, Sweden
10. T
homas Larsen, Denmark
11. O
sku Palermaa, Finland

There will be a prize pool of 9.000 € to each of the two genders to compete for in Tilburg.

The top of the women’s division in the European Bowling Tour 2017 became an all-Swedish affair, with the Wegner sisters (Jenny and Cajsa) atop of the tour before the conduction of the last stop of the season in Oslo.

None of the Wegner’s attended the tournament, but Jenny Wegner’s had already collected so many points, that she was unreachable for anybody in Oslo. Jenny Wegner claimed therefore the second tour victory of her career (the first came in 2015) with a total of 587 points.

Ida Andersson, who was awarded 80 points in Oslo for her 2nd position among the women, became second with 528 points, while Cajsa Wegner became third with 453 points

In the men’s division, it was a given fact that the EBT 2017 would get a first time tour winner, namely either Denmark’s Carsten W. Hansen or Sweden’s Pontus Andersson.

The final battle in Oslo between the two was set with a preliminary lead of only 29 points in favour of Carsten W. Hansen before the stop took off in Oslo.

Both were qualified for the final steps, Pontus Andersson directly qualified for the final step 3, Carsten W. Hansen directly qualified for the final step 2.

Carsten Hansen won the final step 3 with 763 pins over 3 games, where after the opportunities for both athletes were equalized before the final step 3.

The excitement of the tour win disappeared, however, already at the end of the final step 3, which Carsten W. Hansen won with 712 pins over the 3 games, while the step became the end station for Pontus Andersson, who became no. 9 in the step with a score of 642 pins, precisely 6 pins away from access to the next final step and a continued chance to win the tour.

Carsten W. Hansen claimed his first tour win with 630 points; Pontus Andersson became 2nd with 581 points and Dominic Barrett from England 3rd with 505 points.

We are congratulating the two tour winners, who each will be awarded 1.000 € for their high performances in the European Bowling Tour 2017.

Raymond Jansson from Sweden won the last stop of the EBT 2017, the Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick, when he over 6 games scored 1399, 23 pins more than James Gruffman from Sweden at position 2 and 26 pins more than Jonas Dammen from Norway at position 3.

Raymond Jansson is one of the shining stars from especially the nineties, where no tour was available, so it is the first tour title for Raymond and his first highest ranked position in the men’s division of the tour.

In the second last step of the final in Oslo, 16 athletes were playing 3 games, starting from scratch, from where 8 athletes continued to the final step, playing another 3 games with the pin fall from the previous step carried forward.

The scores of the 8 finalists became as follows:
1. R
aymond Jansson, Sweden: 1399 (699+700)
2. J
ames Gruffman, Sweden: 1376 (727+649)
Jonas Dammen, Norway: 1373 (744+629)
Tor Inge Jansen, Norway 1360 (668+692)
5. J
on Ingi Ragnarsson, Iceland 1334 (652+682)
6. M
ikael Roos, Sweden: 1333 (704+629)
7. M
arkus Jansson, Sweden 1309 (669+640)
8. C
arsten W. Hansen, Denmark 1201 (652+549)

Jenny Karlsson from Sweden became the highest ranked women in a tour stop for the 1st time in her career. Jenny ended at position 26 in the final tournament standing.

209 athletes had found their way to the Norwegian Capital Oslo and Veitvet Bowling Centre, where the Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick concluded the 18th season of the European Bowling Tour, the EBT 2017.

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The organizer of the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2018 has decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 4-11 February 2018 to 15-22 April 2018.

The reason is that the construction of the re-build bowling centre in Tilburg, with the new name “Dolfijn | The Plays To Be”, will finish a bit later than originally expected.

Dolfijn | The Plays To Be is expected to open a good week prior to the original conduction period of the tournament, but the organizer wants the centre to be in a daily operation for a reasonable period of time before the tournament is conducted.

The changed period of the tournament also influence the conduction date of the EBT Masters 2018, which will be conducted on 23 April 2018 instead of 12 February 2018, of course also in the new 24 lane centre: Dolfijn | The Plays To Be.

Click here to see the EBT 2018 Calendar.

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