Kim Thorsgaard Jensen

The 10th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2017, will be conducted in Lovvang Bowling Centre in Aalborg, Denmark on 29 May 2017; immediately following the conclusion of Kegel Aalborg International, which will be conducted on 23-28 May 2017 in the same centre.

The 12 highest ranked women and the 12 highest ranked men, by the conclusion of the European Bowling Tour 2016, are qualified for participation in the EBT Masters 2017.

Three athletes have excused their participation in the women’s division, namely Sin Li Jane from Malaysia, Danielle McEwan from USA and Diana Zavjalova from Latvia, while Dominic Barrett have excused as the only male athlete. They were all four replaced by the next positioned athletes in the ranking standings.

The 12 athletes, competing in the women’s division, are as follows:
osition 1:   Laura Beuthner, Germany
Position 2:   Jenny Wegner, Sweden
Position 3:   Ida Andersson, Sweden
Position 5:   Joline Persson-Planefors, Sweden
Position 6:   Maxime de Rooij, Germany
Position 8:   Britt Bröndsted, Denmark
Position 9:   Mika Guldbäk, Denmark
Position 11: Vanessa Timter, Germany
Position 12: Martina Schütz, Germany
Position 13: Bernice Lim, Singapore
Position 14: Birgit Pöppler, Germany
Position 15: Jasmine Yeong Nathan, Singapore

The 12 athletes, competing in the men’s division, are as follows:
Position 1:   Richard Teece, England
Position 2:   Jesper Svensson, Sweden
Position 3:   Osku Palermaa, Finland
Position 4:   Martin Larsen, Sweden
Position 6:   Pontus Andersson, Sweden
Position 7:   Daniel Fransson, Sweden
Position 8:   Thomas Larsen, Denmark
Position 9:   Paul Moor, England
Position 10: Mik Stampe, Denmark
Position 11: Parker Bohn III, USA
Position 12: Markus Jansson, Sweden
Position 15: Christopher Sloan, Ireland

A record number of not less than 1.197 entries were played in the 14th issue of the Brunswick Euro Challenge, which again this year was conducted in the well-known Dream-Bowl Palace, situated in German Unterföhring, a suburb to the Bavarian Capital Munich.

The record of 1.197 entries, which were played by 380 athletes from all over the World, replaced the old record of 1.056 bowled entries from Brunswick Ballmaster Open in 2010.

The format of the final day included a step 1 with 52 athletes, bowling 6 games from scratch, continuing with step 2 consisting of 28 athletes, including top 16 from step 1 and top 12 from the qualification, bowling another 6 games starting from scratch.

From step 2, 8 athletes continued into a 7 games round robin with the pin fall from step 2 carried forward.

The standing after step 3, including scores from 13 games and bonus points, were as follows:
1. Dominic Barrett, England: 3221
Larp-Apharat Yannaphon, Thailand: 3218
3. Stuart Williams, England: 3138
4. Anders Lousdal, Denmark: 3065
Sean Rash, USA: 3059
Birgit Pöppler, Germany: 3019
Carsten Warming Hansen, Denmark: 2950
Martin Larsen, Sweden: 2900

Finally top 3 concluded the tournaments with two stepladder matches as follows:
Match 1: Larp-Apharat Yannaphon vs. Stuart Williams: 204 vs. 204 (ties X vs. 9)
Match 2: Dominic Barrett vs. Larp-Apharat Yannaphon: 237 vs. 221

Top 4 of the women’s tour division is an all Singaporean affair, where Daphne Tan is leading with 450 points, followed by Cherie Tan with 300 points, Jazreel Tan with 300 points and Shayna Ng with 270 points.

In the Men’s Division of the tour, Carsten W. Hansen from Denmark is leading with 370 points in front of Martin Larsen from Sweden with 315 points and Dominic Barrett from England with 250 points.

Birgit Pöppler became the highest ranked women for the 7th time in her career, while Dominic Barrett became the highest ranked man for the 15th time in his career. It was at the same time the 13th EBT Title for Dominic Barrett.

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As a consequence of the situation in Turkey, changed travel advices from various national authorities and reactions from a number of member federations, the ETBF Presidium has, in understanding with the organizer in Turkey, decided to move the European Champions Cup 2017 and the ETBF Congress from Ankara to Vienna in Austria.

The championships will be held on its original scheduled period 23-29 October in the well-known Plus Bowling in Vienna. The ETBF Presidium will meet on 20-21 October and the ETBF Congress on 22 October.

The ETBF Presidium wants to express appreciation to the organizers in Austria for their willingness to step in with a very short notice.

The ETBF Presidium has, at a meeting held in Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich on 23 and 24 March 2017, selected hosts for the following three championships.

European Youth Championships 2019
The championships will be held in Riga, Latvia on 13-22 April 2019. The championships will be hosted by the Latvian Bowling Federation in the Pepsi Centrs.

European Women Championships 2020
The championships will be held in Aalborg, Denmark on 3-14 June 2020. The championships will be hosted by and in Lovvang Bowling Centre.

European Men Championships 2020
The championships will be held in Helsinki, Finland on 12-23 August 2020. The championships will be hosted by the Finnish Bowling Federation in Tali Bowl.

After a season with too many cancellations, ETBF is very pleased to announce, that a new tournament in Sweden, named the Lucky Larsen Masters, will be included in the EBT 2017.

The tournament keeps a prize pool of not less than 912.000 SEK, equivalent to approximately 96.200 €. The tournament is also adopted in the World Bowling Tour 2017.

The tournament will be conducted on 13-27 August 2017 in Malmoe, which is the third largest city in Sweden and well connected by a big bridge to Denmark and downtown trains directly from the Airport in Copenhagen.

The tournament will be included in the EBT 2017 as stop 08. The status of the tournament will be EBT Gold; a status ensuring the ranked athletes to be awarded points with the regular ranking scale times four.

The contact person of the tournament is Daniel Rönnbäck, who is reachable at the email address

Click here to see the EBT 2017 Calendar.

The Organizer of Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick, the Norwegian Bowling Federation, has decided to upgrade the tour category of the tournament from Satellite to Bronze. This means that athletes will be awarded double as many ranking points for the EBT Rankings.

The prize pool of the tournament is increased from 239.000 NOK to 275.000 NOK, an amount equivalent to about 31.000 €.

The Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick, which unchanged will be conducted on 6-15 October 2017 in Veitvet Bowling Centre in Oslo, is concluding the European Bowling Tour 2017.

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The Polish Open, which was supposed to be conducted late July in Wroclaw, is cancelled by the organizer due to relatively low participation numbers the first two years of its existence and an actual lack of sponsorships.

The organizer expresses a wish to reinsert the tournament into the European Bowling Tour at a later moment. We obviously hope they will succeed.

The tour has been “hit” from many sides this year, some expected, some definitely not. But as ETBF previously has announced, the European Bowling Tour will continue irrespectively of its present size. It is our aim to grow the EBT again for the coming seasons.

We have a dedicated group of organizers left back in 2017, and we have fortunately no signals of any further cancellations this year.

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Due to the number of entering athletes in the last year’s issues of Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open, the organizer has decided to change the status of the tournament from Gold to Silver.

As a consequence of the change, the prize pool is changed from 60.000 to 45.000 €.

The field of qualified athletes for the final steps is reduced from 64 to 48 and the format is changed to fit with the changed number of qualified.

The tournament will unchanged be conducted this summer, on 15-23 July 2017 in the well-known Dream-Bowl Palace, situated in Unterföhring, a suburb to Munich.

You can find the details of the format in the Tournament Calendar at this site.

Click here to see the EBT 2017 Calendar.

The organizer of the Scheveningen Dutch Open has decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 16-24 September 2017 to 9-17 September 2017.

The tournament, which is included in the EBT 2017 as Stop 10, will unchanged be conducted in Bowling Scheveningen, situated in Den Hague – The Netherlands.

The organizer also announces a new event website: and a new email address: for the contact person of the tournament, Kevin de Haan.

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Leisureplex Stillorgan housed and hosted one of the classics in Europe, the 29th Irish Open Championships in association with Storm, on 15-22 January in Dublin.

194 players had found their way to Dublin to compete for the 62 spots available for the final steps of the tournament.

Step 1 included 54 bowlers playing 3 games starting from scratch, Step 2 included 32 bowlers playing 3 games starting from scratch and Step 3 included 16 bowlers playing 2 games matches in a pyramid system including Eighth Finals, Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and a Final.

The outcome of the three last matches became as follows:

Semi Final 1
Tore Torgersen, Norway: 205 + 258 = 463
Santtu Tahvanainen, Finland: 227 + 211 = 438

Semi Final 2
Keira Reay, England: 207 + 251 = 458
Jenny Wegner, Sweden: 210 + 243 = 453

Tore Torgersen, Norway: 267 + 236 = 503
Keira Reay, England: 181 + 234 = 415

Tore Torgersen’s victory is remarkable, sublime and extraordinary. Tore is soon a real veteran and available for the senior championships in a few years. But Tore is obviously still going strong, and he left no doubt who should be crowned for the victory in Dublin in 2017.

Tore Torgersen became the highest ranked man in a tours top for the 6th time in his career and it was his 4th EBT title. Young and very talented Keira Reay became the highest ranked women in a tour stop for the first time in her career.

The top of the Men’s Division of the EBT 2016 is still Carsten W. Hansen from Denmark with 250 points and Martin Larsen from Sweden with 200 points.

Also the top of the Women’s Division of the EBT 2016 is unchanged with the two Singapore women atop of the Ranking: Daphne Tan with 250 points and Jazreel Tan with 200 points.

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