The 30th European Youth Championships was conducted in the famous Tali Bowling Centre in Finland’s capital Helsinki in the first part of April 2017.

The championships were conducted for the third time in Tali Bowling Centre, which previously have housed the EYC also in 1994 and in 2008.

52 girls and 94 boys took part in the championships in Helsinki, representing 28 different member federations in Europe.

The 10 titles of the championships were widely spread among not less than 8 different member federations.

The titles in the Girls Division were distributed as follows:
Denmark won the Singles event by Megan G. Dicay
Belgium won the Doubles Event by Jolien Thys and Shinya Haest
England won the Team Event by Lorna Scott, Isabel Allen, Natasja Ailes and Mia Bewley
Russia won the All Event by Maria Koshel
Netherlands won the Masters Event by Denise Blankenzee

The conclusion of the Girls Team event became spectacular, since the team from England tied with the team from Finland in the final match 750-750. Hereafter all 4 athletes in each team had to shoot one time to break the tie, which ended in another tie of 38-38 (10+10+10+8 for England and 9+10+9+10 for Finland), after which England finally could be declared the winner after a second tie round 38-34 (10+8+10+10 to England and 7+10+9+8 to Finland).

The titles in the Boys Division were distributed as follows:
Sweden won the Singles Event by Emanuel Jonsson
Ukraine won the Doubles event by Oleksandr Nechypaiev and Mykola Sielin
Sweden won the Team Event by Robin Skans, Emanuel Jonsson, William Svensson and Filip Thelander
Finland won the All Event by Niko Oksanen
Sweden won the Masters Event by William Svensson

The matches of the Masters event was, in all 5 steps, played as best of three games matches.

The outcome of the last three matches in the Girls Division became as follows:

Girls Masters, Semi Final 1
Megan G. Dicay, Denmark vs. Maria Koshel, Russia
Match: 2-1 / Scores: 200-228-204 vs. 214-215-184

Girls Masters, Semi Final 2
Denise Blankenzee, The Netherlands vs. Mathilda Tidbeck, Sweden
Match: 2-1 / Scores: 177-220-223 vs. 200-209-215

Girls Masters, Final
Denise Blankenzee, Netherlands vs. Megan G. Dicay, Denmark

Match: 2-1 / Scores: 164-246-214 vs. 166-203-205

Boys Masters, Semi Final 1
Oleksandr Nechypaiev, Ukraine vs. Joppe Belmans, Belgium
Match: 2-1 / Scores: 237-181-233 vs. 222-197-180

Boys Masters, Semi Final 2*
William Svensson, Sweden vs. Ziga Zalar, Slovenia
Match: 2-1 / Scores: 188-143-252 vs. 185-213-189

Boys Masters, Final
William Svensson, Sweden vs. Oleksandr Nechypaiev, Ukraine

Match: 2-1 / Scores: 203-273-258 vs. 222-189-193

Sweden became the best federation with 3 Gold medals and 3 bronze medals, while Finland became the second best federation with 1 Gold medal, 5 Silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

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