World Singles airs on Olympic Channel

World Bowling has announced that a two part series from the World Singles Championships 2016 has been aired on the Olympic Channel. The series documents the main highlights from the championships, which was held ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 01 in Helsinki

Ballmaster Open is the only tournament, which has been adopted in the European Bowling Tour since the beginning in 2000 (18 times), and it is always conducted as the first every year. Like the ... (read more)

Vienna open is cancelled

It is with sadness we are circulating information about yet a cancellation in the European Bowling Tour 2017; caused by the fact that the organizer of the 15th Columbia 300 Vienna Open has announced ... (read more)

European Bowling Tours in the future

Following Press release 2017-08, announcing yet another reduction of the European Bowling Tour to 12 tournaments; it is essential for the ETBF Presidium to send the following message to the bowling community in Europe ... (read more)

No Qatar Bowling Open in 2017

The Qatar Bowling Federation, the owner and organizer of the annual tour stop, Qatar Bowling Open, has announced that they are unable to host the tournament in 2017. The Qatar Bowling Open has been ... (read more)

Qualified for the EBT Masters 2017

The EBT Masters 2017 (the 10th of its kind) will be held in Lovvang Bowling Centre in Aalborg, Denmark on Monday 29 May 2017, immediately following the conclusion of Kegel Aalborg International 2017, which ... (read more)

The winners of the tour

Only Laura Beuthner from Germany (682 points before Doha), and the winner of the EBT 2015 Jenny Wegner from Sweden (567 points before Doha), had a chance to capture the women’s tour title when ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 16 in Doha

Diana Zavjalova from Latvia won the Qatar Bowling Open, which was conducted in Qatar’s Capital Doha as the concluding stop of the European Bowling Tour for the 9th consecutive time. The victory for Diana ... (read more)

Gold for Jesper Agerbo in Doha

Denmark’s Jesper Agerbo is simply surfing atop of a Gold medal wave these months, which were clearly proved when he in Qatar’s capital Doha left no doubt that he at the moment is atop ... (read more)

The 2nd Emax Open is cancelled

Manuel Mrosek, the organizer of the 1st Emax Open, introduced a very interesting qualification format, where all attending athletes had to combine scores from 2 different 4 games squads, bowled on two different oil-patterns ... (read more)

World Games participants from all Zones

From the Secretariat of World Bowling we have received the following final list of participating federations for the bowling competitions in the World Games 2017. Participating federations in the Men’s Division: Poland (ETBF), Host ... (read more)

New conduction period in Odense

The organizer of Odense International has decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 28 May - 4 June 2017 to 27 August - 3 September 2017. The tournament will unchanged be ... (read more)

ECC 2016 in Olomouc, Czech Republic

For the first time in the history, one of ETBF’s Championships was conducted in Czech Republic. It happened when the 39th European Champions Cup late October was conducted in Bowland Bowling Center, which is ... (read more)

International Wroclaw Open is cancelled

We have with regrets received information from the organizer of the 11th International Wroclaw Open, that they have technical issues in the centre of a dimension, which forces them to cancel the tournament. The ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 15 in Oslo

Jesper Svensson from Sweden did it again, won a title in the European Bowling Tour, this time in Veitvet Bowling Centre in Oslo, where the Norwegian Open 2016 by Brunswick was conducted on 7-16 ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 14 in Munich

As an organizer, Manuel Mrosek is an inventor, and the latest inventions of his, the 1st Emax Open, included a very exciting qualification format, where all had to combine scores from 2 different 4 ... (read more)

ECC 2018 will be held in Langen, Germany

The ETBF Presidium has, at a meeting held on 7 and 8 October 2016, decided to award the hosting right of the European Champions Cup 2018 to the German Bowling Federation. The championships will ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 13 in Vienna

256 athletes attended the 14th issue of the tour stop in Vienna, the 14th Colombia 300 Vienna Open, which as always was conducted in well-known Plus Halle in Vienna. The tournament was included as ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 12 in Nieuwegein

113 athletes attended Stop 12 in the EBT 2016, Chandra open 2016. The tournament was conducted on 11-18 September in Chandra Bowling Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. The tournament included 3 final steps as follows: 32 ... (read more)

Commonwealth bowlers shine on World stage

Recent standout performances by players from Commonwealth countries highlight the strength of talent by tenpin bowlers on the world stage. Hot on the heels of the historic Gold medal in Swimming won by Singapore’s ... (read more)

Scheveningen Dutch Open in the EBT 2017

Bowling Scheveningen is a place, which is synonym with international top bowling. The centre have housed the European Youth Championships in 1974, the European Cup Teams in 1982 and 1994, the European Cup Individuals ... (read more)

In memoriam Roni Ashkenazi

It is my sad duty and with great sorrow that I have to inform you that our dear friend and member of the ETBF Presidium, Roni Ashkenazi, passed away on Friday 2 September 2016 ... (read more)

Qualified for the World Championships 2017

The World Championships 2017 will be held in Kuwait City, Kuwait on 4-18 December 2017. 36 women and 36 men teams will qualify for the championships as follows: - From ETBF: 15 teams - ... (read more)

Qualified for the World Games 2017

The World Games 2017 will be held in Wroclaw, Poland on 20-30 July 2017 and the bowling competition of the games on 20-24 July 2017 in Sky Bowling. For each gender there will be ... (read more)

EMC 2016 in Brussels, Belgium

Jesper Agerbo from Denmark shined during the European Men Championships 2016, which were held in Brussels, Belgium on 18-29 August 2016. Jesper Agerbo was awarded with a medal not less than 5 times during ... (read more)

EMC 2019 will be held in Munich

The European Men Championships 2019 will be hosted by the German Bowling Federation. The championships, which will be held in Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring (Munich), were recently awarded to the host by the ETBF ... (read more)

WYC 2016 in Lincoln, Nebraska

Sun Valley Lanes in Lincoln, Nebraska hosted the 14th World Youth Championships 2016 on 24 July - 3 August 2016. The championships were from the beginning till the end dominated by the home country ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 11 in Wroclaw

The second issue of the Polish Open was conducted as the Polish Open presented by Rot Grip on 25-31 July 2016 in Wroclaw. 40 athletes qualified for the final steps, of which athletes positioned ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 10 in Munich

The final last game in the Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open by Erdinger, concluded on Sunday 24 July in Munich, became a repetition of the final in San Marino for only one week ago, although ... (read more)

EBT Masters 2016

The EBT Masters 2016, which is the final of the European Bowling Tour 2015, was conducted in Rosen’ Bowl in San Marino on 18 July. The EBT Masters 2016 is the 9th edition of ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 09 in San Marino

The 12th Storm San Marino Open was conducted in Rose’n Bowl in Serravalle on 9-17 July 2016 as Stop 09 in the European Bowling Tour 2016. A successful number of 205 bowlers from a ... (read more)

Polish Open changes name

As a consequence of a sponsor agreement, the organizer of the Polish Open has announced a name change of the tournament to the Polish Open presented by Roto Grip. The tournament will unchanged be ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 08 in Madrid

194 athletes had found their way to the Spanish Capital Madrid, where the IV Brunswick Madrid Challenge was conducted on 2-10 July 2016. 50 athletes qualified to the final steps on Sunday 10 July, ... (read more)

Changed period for Wroclaw Open

The organizer of the 11th International Wroclaw Open has announced a period change of the tournament from 15-19 February 2017 to 8-12 February 2017. The tournament will unchanged be conducted in Galeria Rozrywki Miraz ... (read more)

EWC 2016 in Vienna, Austria

The 23rd European Championships since 1962, which is the 6th European Championships only for women since 2006, was conducted in Vienna’s well known Plus Bowling on 8-19 June 2016. 131 female athletes from 25 ... (read more)

Qualified for the World Championships 2017

36 women teams will take part in the World Championships 2017 in Kuwait as follows: from ETBF 15 teams, from ABF 12 teams, from PABCON: 8 teams and from the host federation Kuwait 1 ... (read more)

Qualified for the World Games 2017

During the European Women Championships 2016 in Vienna, the 5 qualified federations from Europe, permitted to send two women each to the World Games 2017, was found. The World Games qualification standing was made ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 07 in Odense

The format of the final in Odense International offered a first step over 6 games with 36 athletes taking part, continuing with step 2, where the best 16 from step 1 added another 4 ... (read more)

European Bowling Tour 2017

The program of the European Bowling Tour 2017 has been decided by the ETBF Presidium. The EBT 2017, which is the 18th consecutive tour since the tour was organized for the first time in ... (read more)

Welcome to a new federation in Romania

In many years, ninepin bowling and tenpin bowling was together in a combined federation in Romania, but for about half a year ago the tenpin bowlers decided to create their own federation in Romania, ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 06 in Aalborg

Peter Hellström from Sweden took his third tour title, when he defeated 7 other top players in the final of Kegel Aalborg International 2016. In the 3rd step of the final in Aalborg, 18 ... (read more)

Changed conduction period in Vienna

The organizer of the 14th Columbia 300 Vienna Open has decided to extend the duration of the tournament from 26 September - 2 October to 24 September - 2 October. The tournament will, as ... (read more)

Changes in Tilburg and Aalborg

As a consequence of the very unfortunate fire in Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, it will not be possible to conduct the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament in 2017. Dolfijn Bowling will be re-build, but not ... (read more)

Participation record in Brussels

The number of athletes signed up for the European Men Championships 2016, which will be conducted in Brussels, Belgium on 18-29 August 2016, are braking all previous records with a fantastic number of 217 ... (read more)

Changed conduction periods in Qatar

As a consequence of a clash with international activities elsewhere, the organizers of Qatar Bowling Open, the Qatar Bowling Federation, have decided to conduct the tournament just after, instead of just before the World ... (read more)

Participants in the EBT Masters 2016

The 9th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2016, will be conducted in Rose’n Bowl in San Marino on 18 July 2016, immediately following the conclusion of the 12th Storm San Marino ... (read more)

EYC 2016 in Reykjavik, Iceland

The boys from Team Slovenia delivered the biggest and by far the most positive surprize by winning one Gold and one Silver medal at the 29th European Youth Championships, conducted over the Eastern week ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 05 in Munich

In Dream-Bowl Palace, which is situated in German Unterföhring, a suburb to the Bavarian Capital - Munich, the 13th consecutive issue of the Brunswick Euro Challenge was conducted on 13-20 March. It was the ... (read more)

ETBF Presidium Meeting late February

The ETBF Presidium held its first 2016-meeting on 26-27 February in well-known surroundings of Dream-Bowl Palace in Unterföhring near to Munich. From the meeting the Presidium informs as follows: ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 04 in Wroclaw

The 10th issue of International Wroclaw Open, which has been adopted in the European Bowling Tour since its 4th issue in 2010, was conducted on 17-21 February in Poland’s fourth largest city, Wroclaw, as ... (read more)

Chandra Open 2016 changes period

The organizer of Chandra Open 2016 has announced a period change of the tournament from 18-25 September 2016 to 11-18 September 2016. The tournament will unchanged be conducted in Chandra Bowling in Nieuwegein, ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 03 in Tilburg

The Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2016 was conducted in Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg, The Netherlands on 31 January - 7 February as the third stop in the European Bowling Tour 2016. The format included, ... (read more)

Application period for the EBT 2017

The application period for organizers to request adoption of their tournaments in the European Bowling Tour 2017 is opened. It is for organizers of new tour stops possible to apply until 30 May 2016 ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 02 in Dublin

Leisureplex Stillorgan in Dublin is for many a synonym with tradition and meeting old friends, so many are returning to the site year after year. Your auditor was visiting Stillorgan for the very first ... (read more)

Qualification competitions in 2016

Qualification for the World Championships 2017 According to information received from World Bowling, the following number of federations will qualify for the World Championships 2017 in Kuwait: 15 federations from ETBF, 12 ... (read more)

EBT 2016 Stop 01 in Helsinki

Brunswick Ballmaster Open did it again; broke the record of the number of players attending a tour stop. This time not less than 528 players attended the famous tournament, which always is conducted in ... (read more)