World Championships in Las Vegas

The World Championships for both men and women was conducted on 24 November - 4 December 2017. The championships were held in South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where a fantastic 60 ... (read more)

Changes in Aalborg

The organizer of Stop 06 in the EBT 2018, Kegel Aalborg International 2018, has announced that the period of the tournament will be extended from 22-27 May 2018 to 20-27 May 2018. At the ... (read more)

ECC 2017 in Vienna, Austria

The 40th issue of the European Champions Cup was conducted in the Austrian capital Vienna late October 2017. A record number of 82 athletes attended the championships. The previous record of 81 athletes attending ... (read more)

ETBF Congress 2017 held in Vienna

The ETBF Congress, which is held every second year, was this time held on 22 October 2017 in Plus Bowling in Vienna, where the European Champions Cup is conducted on 23-29 October. From the ... (read more)

Name change in Stockholm

As a consequence of a sponsorship agreement, the organizer of the 38th AIK International Tournament 2018 has decided to change the name of the tournament to the AIK International Tournament Powered by Track. This ... (read more)

Changed periods in Malmoe and Rome

The organizer of the second edition of Lucky Larsen Masters have decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 12-26 August to 25 August - 9 September 2018. The reason for the ... (read more)

Qualified for the EBT Masters 2018

The 11th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2018, will be held in “Dolfijn | The Plays To Be” in Tilburg, The Netherlands on Monday 23 April 2018. Before the EBT Masters ... (read more)

The winners of the tour

The top of the women’s division in the European Bowling Tour 2017 became an all-Swedish affair, with the Wegner sisters (Jenny and Cajsa) atop of the tour before the conduction of the last stop ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 11 in Oslo

Raymond Jansson from Sweden won the last stop of the EBT 2017, the Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick, when he over 6 games scored 1399, 23 pins more than James Gruffman from Sweden at ... (read more)

Changed period in Tilburg

The organizer of the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament 2018 has decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 4-11 February 2018 to 15-22 April 2018. The reason is that the construction of ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 10 in Scheveningen

Nicole Sanders from The Netherlands took her first tour stop title, when she won the Scheveningen Dutch Open on Sunday 17 September after a one game Final against Richard Teece from England. In the ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 09 in Odense

The 7th issue of Odense International was conducted in the fairy tale city of Hans Christian Andersen on 27 August - 3 September 2017 in Odense Bowling Centre, where 119 athletes were competing for ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 08 in Malmoe

With not less than 1.087 squad entries, the new tour stop in Sweden, the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters, started very successfully, when the tournament was conducted for the first time in August in the ... (read more)

World Senior Championships 2017 in Munich

The World Senior Championships for 50+ athletes was conducted in Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich, Germany on 13-20 August 2017. The first two issues of the World Senior Championships were both conducted in Las Vegas, ... (read more)

World Games 2017 in Wroclaw

The World Games, which is owned by the International World games Association (IWGA), was established in 1979 by a number of International Federations of non-Olympic sports. The sport of bowling has been included as ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 07 in Munich

Pontus Andersson from Sweden captured his first tour stop title, when he won the Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open by Erdinger in front of Richard Teece from England. The tournament, which was conducted in Europe’s ... (read more)

EYC 2020 in The Netherlands

The ETBF Presidium has decided to award the hosting of the European Youth Championships 2020 to The Netherlands Bowling Federation. The championships will be conducted on 4-13 April 2020 in Dolfijn Bowling in Tilburg ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 06 in San Marino

The debut of Francois Lavoie at the European bowling scene became an overwhelming success, since he first won Stop 5 of the EBT 2017 in Madrid and afterwards won Stop 6 in San Marino; ... (read more)

EBT Masters 2019 in Madrid

The ETBF Presidium has decided to award the hosting of the EBT Masters 2019 to Bowling Chamartín in Madrid, Spain. The EBT Masters 2019 will be conducted on Monday 8 July 2019, which is ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 05 in Madrid

186 athletes had found their way to the Spanish Capital Madrid, where the V Brunswick Madrid Challenge was conducted on 1-9 July 2017. 50 athletes qualified to the final steps on Sunday 9 July, ... (read more)

Name change in Malmoe

As a consequence of a sponsorship agreement, the name of the tournament Lucky Larsen Masters is changed to Storm Lucky Larsen Masters. The tournament will, as previously scheduled, be conducted on 13-27 August 2017 ... (read more)

EBT Masters 2017 in Aalborg

Paul Moor from England won the EBT Masters for the third time in his career, when he succeeded at the EBT Masters 2017 in Aalborg. The first two EBT Masters titles for Moor came ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 04 in Aalborg

Mattias Wetterberg from Sweden took his first tour stop title, when he defeated 7 great top players in the final of Kegel Aalborg International 2017. In the 3rd step of the final in Aalborg, ... (read more)

European Bowling Tour 2018

The program of the European Bowling Tour 2018 has been decided by the ETBF Presidium. The EBT 2018, which is the 19th consecutive tour since the tour was organized for the first time in ... (read more)

World Championships moves to Las Vegas

The Secretariat of World Bowling have announced, that the World Championships for both genders, which originally was supposed to be conducted in Kuwait City on 4-18 December 2017, will be moved to Las Vegas ... (read more)

Chris Hillman appointed Technical Delegate

The ETBF Presidium has decided to appoint Chris Hillman from England as a new Technical Delegate in ETBF. Chris Hillman, who is 54 years old, has been a member of the British Tenpin Bowling ... (read more)

Peter Hutton in memoriam

On 5 May 2017, the ETBF Presidium was informed about the passing away of Peter Hutton from the Scottish Tenpin Bowling Association. Peter was the founder of Bowling in Scotland. His passing away is ... (read more)

Changed location of the EWC 2018

As a consequence of a construction change in Odense Bowling Centre the up-coming summer, after which the number of lanes in the centre will be reduced from 24 to 20, the ETBF Presidium has ... (read more)

Special Olympics Seminar in Malta

From 20-24 April 2017 the ETBF President Addie Ophelders attended a Special Olympics Europe Eurasia (SO EE) Bowling Seminar, which was held in Malta. 20 representatives from 12 countries were present. A partnership between ... (read more)

ECC 2019 in Ankara

The ETBF Presidium has decided that the European Champions Cup 2019 will be hosted in Ankara, Turkey. The championships will be hosted by the Rollhouse Bowling Centre and the Turkish Bocce, Bowling and Darts ... (read more)

EYC 2017 in Helsinki

The 30th European Youth Championships was conducted in the famous Tali Bowling Centre in Finland’s capital Helsinki in the first part of April 2017. The championships were conducted for the third time in Tali Bowling ... (read more)

MBC 2017 in Ljubljana

The 20th edition of the Mediterranean Bowling Championships was conducted in the Slovenian Capital Ljubljana on 26 March - 2 April 2017 in Klub 300 Bowling Centre. These very nice regional championships, which are ... (read more)

Participants in the EBT Masters 2017

The 10th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2017, will be conducted in Lovvang Bowling Centre in Aalborg, Denmark on 29 May 2017; immediately following the conclusion of Kegel Aalborg International, which ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 03 in Munich

A record number of not less than 1.197 entries were played in the 14th issue of the Brunswick Euro Challenge, which again this year was conducted in the well-known Dream-Bowl Palace, situated in German ... (read more)

Changed location of the ECC 2017

As a consequence of the situation in Turkey, changed travel advices from various national authorities and reactions from a number of member federations, the ETBF Presidium has, in understanding with the organizer in Turkey, ... (read more)

Hosts selected for three championships

The ETBF Presidium has, at a meeting held in Dream-Bowl Palace in Munich on 23 and 24 March 2017, selected hosts for the following three championships. European Youth Championships 2019 The championships will be ... (read more)

Rune Widell in memoriam

On 21 March 2017, the ETBF Presidium was informed about the passing away of Rune Widell at the age of 86 years. Rune Widell was a highly respected member of the ETBF Presidium for ... (read more)

EBT 2017 returns to 11 stops

After a season with too many cancellations, ETBF is very pleased to announce, that a new tournament in Sweden, named the Lucky Larsen Masters, will be included in the EBT 2017. The tournament keeps ... (read more)

From Satellite to Bronze in Norway

The Organizer of Norwegian Open 2017 by Brunswick, the Norwegian Bowling Federation, has decided to upgrade the tour category of the tournament from Satellite to Bronze. This means that athletes will be awarded double ... (read more)

The Polish Open is cancelled

The Polish Open, which was supposed to be conducted late July in Wroclaw, is cancelled by the organizer due to relatively low participation numbers the first two years of its existence and an actual ... (read more)

Changed status of Track Open

Due to the number of entering athletes in the last year’s issues of Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open, the organizer has decided to change the status of the tournament from Gold to Silver. As a ... (read more)

New conduction period in Scheveningen

The organizer of the Scheveningen Dutch Open has decided to change the conduction period of the tournament from 16-24 September 2017 to 9-17 September 2017. The tournament, which is included in the EBT 2017 ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 02 in Dublin

Leisureplex Stillorgan housed and hosted one of the classics in Europe, the 29th Irish Open Championships in association with Storm, on 15-22 January in Dublin. 194 players had found their way to Dublin to ... (read more)

World Singles airs on Olympic Channel

World Bowling has announced that a two part series from the World Singles Championships 2016 has been aired on the Olympic Channel. The series documents the main highlights from the championships, which was held ... (read more)

EBT 2017 Stop 01 in Helsinki

Ballmaster Open is the only tournament, which has been adopted in the European Bowling Tour since the beginning in 2000 (18 times), and it is always conducted as the first every year. Like the ... (read more)

Vienna open is cancelled

It is with sadness we are circulating information about yet a cancellation in the European Bowling Tour 2017; caused by the fact that the organizer of the 15th Columbia 300 Vienna Open has announced ... (read more)