World Men Championships in Hong Kong

It is a great pleasure to congratulating Italy for their first ever won gold medal at a World Championship and Ireland for their first ever won medal at a World Championship. At the WMC ... (read more)

EYC 2019 is moved to Vienna, Austria

As a consequence of technical issues, the centre in Riga (Latvia), where the EYC 2019 was planned to be held, is not going to be certified in due time. As a further consequence, it ... (read more)

Lucky Larsen Masters leaves the EBT

The organizer of the Swedish based tournament “Lucky Larsen Masters” has decided to conduct the 2019 edition of their tournament without handicap for women. It means that the tournament cannot keep its inclusion in ... (read more)

Rules for the EBT 2020

At a recently held meeting in the ETBF Presidium the rules for the EBT 2020 was decided. The rules are, with one exception, identical with the rules of the EBT 2019. The ETBF Presidium ... (read more)

Women’s handicap to be kept in the EBT

Since the beginning of the EBT in 2000, there has been a handicap for women in tournaments with a mixed division. In the first 6 years of the tour (2000-2005) all tournaments with mixed ... (read more)

ECC 2018 in Langen, Germany

Mai Ginge Jensen (Denmark) vs. Eliisa Hiltonen (Finland) in the final of the women’s division of the ECC 2018 was a repetition of the final of the Masters event in the European Women Championships ... (read more)

ETBF’s Education and Technical Committee

The ETBF Presidium decided at its meeting on 18 and 19 October 2018 in Langen - Germany to merge ETBF’s Education Committee and ETBF’s Technical Committee into one combined committee, hereafter named ETBF’s Education ... (read more)

Qualified for the EBT Masters 2019

The 12th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2019, will be held in Bowling Charmatin in Madrid, Spain on Thursday 4 July 2019. In the period of the EBT Masters 2019, the ... (read more)

The winners of the tour

Like last year, Jenner Wegner from Sweden had already collected that many points in the tour standing that she was unreachable for anybody in Oslo; even Jenny did not attend the last stop of ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 12 in Oslo

Eric Sjöberg from Sweden took his first EBT Title ever, when he won the last stop of the season, the Norwegian Open 2018 by Brunswick. Eric Sjöberg concluded a fantastic day in Oslo with ... (read more)

Changes in the EBT 2019

For various domestic reasons the conduction periods for three tournaments included in the European Bowling Tour 2019 are changed. Odense International Previous period: 1-8 September 2019 New period: 25 August - 1 September 2019 ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 11 in Rome

We are able to welcome Brunswick Bowling in Rome, which previously housed a tour stop in 2010 and 2011, back as a host centre for a stop in the European Bowling Tour. The new ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 10 in Malmoe

The Storm Lucky Larsen Masters was conducted for the second time in Malmoe’s Baltiska Bowlinghallen as the 10th stop in the European Bowling Tour 2018. Last year the tournament opened with a firework of ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 09 in Odense

Arnar David Jonsson became the first Icelandic bowler to win a tour stop, when he defeated Carsten W. Hansen from Denmark 213 vs. 206 in the one game final of Odense International. The tournament ... (read more)

EYC 2021 in Wittelsheim, France

The ETBF Presidium has decided to award the hosting of the European Youth Championships 2021 to the French Federation of Bowling and Sport of Quills. The championships will be held in Cristal Bowling, in ... (read more)

ESC 2020 in Vienna, Austria

The ETBF Presidium has decided to award the hosting of the European Senior Championships 2020 to the Austrian Bowling Federation. The championships will be held in the well-known Plus Bowling Centre in Vienna from ... (read more)

WYC 2018 in Detroit

Georg Skryten from Norway in Boys Singles and Robert Lindberg and Alfred Berggren from Sweden in Boys Doubles stood for the total European title harvest at the World Youth Championships 2018, which were concluded ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 08 in Munich

Jesper Agerbo from Denmark won his first tour stop ever, when he defeated his fellow countryman Thomas Larsen in the final of the Track Dream-Bowl Palace Open by Erdinger. Thomas Larsen has had a ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 07 in San Marino

Pontus Andersson from Sweden won in San Marino after a very tight three games final 718 vs. 716 against Kamron Doyle from USA, who attended a stop in the European Bowling Tour for only ... (read more)

EBT Masters 2019 and 2020

The ETBF Presidium have decided to introduce a slight change of the EBT Masters format, where after it will include 8 games qualification for the 8 qualified athletes of each gender. Top 4 after ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 06 in Madrid

The VI Brunswick Madrid Challenge was conducted on 1-8 July 2018 in Bowling Chamartin in Madrid. The tournament, which as always was well managed by Paco Rodriguez, appeared in the European Bowling Tour 2018 ... (read more)

EWC 2018 in Brussels

The first part of the European Women Championships 2018 was completely dominated by a very well plying Swedish Team. In the Singles event, the final became an overall Swedish affair, where Cajsa Wegner took ... (read more)

Slightly changed period for the EMC 2019

It has been found that a trade fare in Munich is overlapping the first days of the original conduction period of the European Men Championships 2019. Since the consequence of this would be both ... (read more)

Name change in Rome

As a consequence of a sponsorship agreement, Stop 11 of the European Bowling Tour 2018 is changed from Rome Open to Rome Open All4bowling. The tournament will unchanged be conducted on 8-16 September 2018 ... (read more)

European Bowling Tour 2019

The program of the European Bowling Tour 2019 has been decided by the ETBF Presidium. The EBT 2019 is the 20th consecutive tour since the first European Bowling Tour in 2000. The 15 tournaments ... (read more)

EBT Masters 2018 in Tilburg

Jenny Wegner and Pontus Andersson, both from Sweden, won the EBT Masters 2018 in the women’s, respectively the men’s division. The EBT Masters 2018 is the 11th final of a European Bowling Tour. The ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 05 in Tilburg

One of the classic tournaments in the European Bowling Tour, the Hammer Bronzen Schietspoel Tournament, is back in the tour after one year’s absence. The tournament was conducted on 15-22 April 2018 in a ... (read more)

MBC 2018 in Ankara

The 21st edition of the Mediterranean Bowling Championships was concluded on Saturday 21 April in Rollhouse Bowling, situated in Ankara. These regional championships, which are conducted annually, are open for member federations with a ... (read more)

Jari Ratia in the EBT Masters 2018

Jari Ratia from Finland will replace Carsten W. Hansen from Denmark in the EBT Masters 2018. Carsten W. Hansen withdrew from the EBT Masters 2018 yesterday, on 16 April. The EBT Masters 2018 will ... (read more)

Aalborg International out in 2018

The organizer of Kegel Aalborg International have received more and more comments from bowlers, that a late May period of the tournament fits badly with the many taking a break in between seasons, especially ... (read more)

Hosts of the ECC 2020 and 2021

The ETBF Presidium has decided to award the hosting rights of the European Champions Cup, both in 2020 and in 2021. The ECC 2020 will be hosted by the Slovenian Bowling Federation on 19-25 ... (read more)

EYC 2018 in Aalborg

The European Youth Championships 2018 was the 31st of its kind and the 3rd EYC conducted in Lovvang Bowling Centre in Aalborg. The two previous EYC’s in Aalborg was conducted in 1978 and 2012 ... (read more)

New record in Dream-Bowl Palace

Dream-Bowl Palace broke the tour record with fantastic 1.197 entries in the 14th issue of Brunswick Euro Challenge, a record which seemed to be impossible to beat, but they did it again this year, ... (read more)

Participants in the EBT Masters 2018

The 11th edition of the EBT Masters, the EBT Masters 2018, will be conducted in then newly re-opened Dolfijn | The Plays To Be in Tilburg, The Netherlands on 23 April 2018. The EBT ... (read more)

Changes in Malmoe

As a consequence of a sponsorship agreement, Stop 11 of the European Bowling Tour 2018 is changed from the Lucky Larsen Masters to the Storm Lucky Larsen Masters. The tournament will unchanged be conducted ... (read more)

Changes in Madrid

The organizer of Stop 07 in the EBT 2018, the VI Brunswick Madrid Challenge, has announced the period of the tournament to be shortened by one day. The tournament, which is conducted in Bowling ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 03 in Dublin

Anthony Simonsen from USA won the jubilee edition of the Irish Open, which were conducted in Leisureplex Stillorgan as the 30th Irish Open Championships in association with Storm. The tournament, which appeared in the ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 02 in Helsinki

The European Bowling Tour has started in a thru fireworks of entries and wonderfully good bowling as never seen before. Last week the debuting AIK International Tournament Powered by Track entered the tour with ... (read more)

EBT 2018 Stop 01 in Stockholm

With not less than 455 attending athletes, playing as much as 1.060 entries, the Stockholm based tournament, AIK International Tournament Powered by Track, got a fantastic first time appearance in the European Bowling Tour ... (read more)