The World Championships for both men and women was conducted on 24 November – 4 December 2017. The championships were held in South Point Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas where a fantastic 60 lane arena setting provided perfect surroundings for sport bowling.

Both genders competed in Singles, Doubles, Trios, Team, All Event and Masters.

The 12 titles were divided among 8 federations as follows: 4 titles went to USA, 2 titles went to Korea, while Canada, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and The Netherlands all won one title each.

The Masters event in the women’s division was concluded as follows:
Semi Final 1: Daw-Un Jung (Korea) vs. Shayna Ng (Singapore), 2-0
Semi Final 2: Li-Jane Sin (Malaysia) vs. Sharon Limansantoso (Indonesia), 2-1
The Final: Daw-Un Jung (Korea) vs. Li-Jane Sin (Malaysia), 2-0

Daw-Un Jung became the first women ever to defend the Masters title of the World Championships, since Daw-Un Jung also won the title in Abu Dhabi in 2015.

The Masters event in the men’s division was concluded as follows:
Semi Final 1: Zhe-Jia Xu (Chinese Taipei) vs. Thomas Larsen (Denmark), 2-0
Semi Final 2: Francois Lavoie (Canada) vs. Andres Gomez (Colombia), 2-0
The Final: Francois Lavoie (Canada) vs. Zhe-Jia Xu (Chinese Taipei), 2-0

The Masters title won by Francois Lavoie is the first Masters title ever won by a Canadian bowler in the men’s division.

European bowlers took the following medals:

Women’s Singles
Silver to Mai Ginge Jensen from Denmark

Women-s Trios
Silver to Janine Gäbel, Tina Hulsch and Patricia Luoto from Germany

Men’s Singles
Gold to Xander van Mazijk from The Netherlands
Bronze to Tobias Börding from Germany

Men’s Doubles
Bronze to Petteri Salonen and Niko Oksanen from Finland

Men’s Trios
Bronze to Joonas Jähi, Petteri Salonen and Niko Oksanen from Finland

Men’s Team of Five
Bronze to Carsten W. Hansen, Thomas Larsen, Jimmy Dan Mortensen, Dan Östergaard Poulsen, Jesper Agerbo and Mik Stampe from Denmark

Men’s Masters
Bronze to Thomas Larsen from Denmark

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