Valgeir Gudbjartsson

It is my sad duty to inform you that ESBC Honourable Member Paul Douw from The Netherlands has passed away this Tuesday.

Paul was a good friend to many bowlers all around Europe and the World. He served the ESBC Organization as Secretary from 2002 to 2008 and as President from 2008 to 2017. While he led the organization, ESBC and the ESBC Championships have grown tremendously to social events. Due to starting health problems, Paul was forced to step down after 15 years of membership in the ESBC Presidium and was appointed Honourable Member. Now, he had to give up his last fight with cancer.

Our thoughts and feelings are with his family and his wife Annemarie. We will always honour Paul’s memory.

On behalf of the ESBC Presidium.

Florian Fister
European Senior Bowlers Committee

It is with great pleasure to announce the recognition of the Mediterranean Bowling Confederation by the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG).

The Mediterranean Bowling Confederation family is very grateful for the support of ABF, ETBF, and BFA. It is highly appreciated.

Our thanks also to Mr. Athanasios Vasiliadis and Mr. Argyris Logothetis for their assistance, hard work, and passion they contributed towards this recognition.

Our special appreciation also to the President of IBF, Sheikh Talal Mohammad Al-Sabah for his help and support throughout the process.

This is the beginning of a lot of hard work and dedication from my committee to fulfil the requirements necessary for the ICMG.

Looking forward to a long and productive cooperation.



Marios Nicolaides
Mediterranean Bowling Confederation – President

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic ETBF and the Host, The Nederland Bowling Federation have agreed to postpone the EYC2021 that was supposed to be held in Tilburg, NL during the 25 March – 4 April 2021

The host is working with the local authorities to find new dates that will be suitable and will be in the autumn 2021.

New dates will be published as soon as possible.


The host of the Brunswick Ballmaster Open tournament in Helsinki, Finland has decided to postpone the 2021 version of the tournament due to restrictions due to COVID-19

New dates will be announced during January, but the host is looking at May or June 2021.

More info coming.

The host of the Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel tournament in Tilburg, NL has decided to cancel the 2021 version of the tournament due to restrictions due to COVID-19

The Valcke Bronzen Schietspoel tournament is however firm in been part of the EBT 2022 and to be coming back stronger during 20-27m February 2022


The Program of the European Bowling Tour 2021 has been released, it is presented here and presented at the ETBF website:

The EBT 2021 is the 22nd consecutive tour since the first European Bowling Tour in 2000, but it was a very close call this year (2020) as we have, due to COVID-19, only seen 4 tournaments concluded so far, and hopefully the last tournament – Leandersson Christmas Tournament in Sweden will be run although it has already been postponed for 2 weeks.

The first stop in the EBT 2021 has already been postponed due to COVID-19 and is expected to be held during spring/early summer.

The 13 tournaments adopted in the tour are divided in 5 different categories as follows: 1 EBT Platinum, 1 EBT Gold, 3 EBT Silver, 5 EBT Bronze and 3 EBT Satellite tournaments.

Total prize fund in the EBT 2021 is 560.000 EUR; giving average prize of over 43.000 EUR.

The highest ranked woman and the highest ranked man at the conclusion of the EBT 2021 will be awarded 1.000 EUR each.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the fact that only 4-5 tournaments have been concluded from the EBT 2020 it was decided that EBT 2021 will be continuing the EBT 2020 Tour, and these 2 years will be collecting ranking points as one pool.   Furthermore, there will be no EBT Masters 2021 but only EBT Masters 2022; the host for the EBT Masters 2022 will be Dream Bowl Palace in Munich during the Brunswick Euro Challenge in 2022.

Same rules will apply for the EBT 2021 as was for EBT 2020 – with one exception for the time period while the COVID-19 situation is still ongoing and travel restrictions apply, the organizers can grant the international athletes (not playing their home country) the advantage to be able to book 4 squads/starts during the last 2 days of qualification.

Due to Covid-19 situation in Sweden and restrictions until 20 December 2020, then the organizer of the Leandersson Christmas Tournament has postponed the tournament by just about 2 weeks, starting on the 28 December 2020 and with the final set on 6 January 2021.

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