The Program of the European Bowling Tour 2021 has been released, it is presented here and presented at the ETBF website:

The EBT 2021 is the 22nd consecutive tour since the first European Bowling Tour in 2000, but it was a very close call this year (2020) as we have, due to COVID-19, only seen 4 tournaments concluded so far, and hopefully the last tournament – Leandersson Christmas Tournament in Sweden will be run although it has already been postponed for 2 weeks.

The first stop in the EBT 2021 has already been postponed due to COVID-19 and is expected to be held during spring/early summer.

The 13 tournaments adopted in the tour are divided in 5 different categories as follows: 1 EBT Platinum, 1 EBT Gold, 3 EBT Silver, 5 EBT Bronze and 3 EBT Satellite tournaments.

Total prize fund in the EBT 2021 is 560.000 EUR; giving average prize of over 43.000 EUR.

The highest ranked woman and the highest ranked man at the conclusion of the EBT 2021 will be awarded 1.000 EUR each.

Due to the COVID-19 situation and the fact that only 4-5 tournaments have been concluded from the EBT 2020 it was decided that EBT 2021 will be continuing the EBT 2020 Tour, and these 2 years will be collecting ranking points as one pool.   Furthermore, there will be no EBT Masters 2021 but only EBT Masters 2022; the host for the EBT Masters 2022 will be Dream Bowl Palace in Munich during the Brunswick Euro Challenge in 2022.

Same rules will apply for the EBT 2021 as was for EBT 2020 – with one exception for the time period while the COVID-19 situation is still ongoing and travel restrictions apply, the organizers can grant the international athletes (not playing their home country) the advantage to be able to book 4 squads/starts during the last 2 days of qualification.